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Denied Veterans Affairs Disability? These Reasons Might Be Why

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Talk to any veterans and you’ll hear about denied Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims. Some veterans receive quick appeals because of escalated paperwork directly from the military, while others may simply have excellent preparation (and a bit of help from the connections that come with rank). Regardless of rank, a VA claim denial can be like a rite of passage–a rejection that seems to happen as a matter of routine rather than a true filtering of fraudulent or fault claims. Read More»

Appeal The VA With Legal Power And Medical Support

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A decision letter from the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation system can be a nervous thing to open. Many veterans are warned about the fickle nature of the disability system and may be expecting a bit of disappointment if their claim isn’t perfect, but how do you reach claim perfection when a denial arrives in the mail? You can appeal as much as you want, but wasting too much time with unprepared attempts means that your money takes longer to arrive and your disability goes untreated for longer. Read More»

Partnerships: 3 Things To Know Before You Jump The Gun To Protect Yourself

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If you’ve decided to enter into a business partnership with someone else, it is crucial that you understand how to fully protect yourself. Here are three things that are essential: 1. Make Sure the Partnership Is a Written Agreement. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are protected by having a written partnership agreement. It is not required, but it is highly recommended. If you are going into business with your best friend or a family member, then you may feel extremely reluctant to ask for a written agreement. Read More»