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Approaching A Child Custody Case When A Child Has Autism

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Children with autism have a variety of special needs that must be taken into account when their parents decide to divorce. In fact, these special needs complicate child custody cases in a variety of ways that can be hard to predict. Children With Autism Have Tight Connections To Both Parents When a child with autism is non-verbal, people outside of the family may think that the child doesn’t connect or communicate with their parents. Read More»

Is It Possible To Get Out Of An Abusive Marriage? What You Can Do To Make It Happen

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When you initially married your partner, you probably never expected that he or she would turn into someone who is mentally, verbally, and physically abusive to you. The person you are married to may have changed drastically over the years, accusing you of cheating when you are not, attacking you for every word you say, and attempting to twist issues around to put the blame on you instead of admitting to being wrong. Read More»

Social Security Disability Income And U.S. Citizenship: What To Know

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If you are among those who have worked at your job for years but are now unable to do so due to a medical condition, you may need SSDI. Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is one of many government-run programs that provide those in need with a monthly payment when they are too sick to continue working. Most people are under the impression that these benefits are only for U.S. citizens, but that may not always be the case. Read More»

Did You Walk Out Of A Friend's House With Something On Accident?

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Visiting friends is usually a fun and exciting experience, but can turn sour if they start accusing you of theft. If you walked away with something that belonged to them by complete accident, you don’t deserve to get in any legal trouble. Thankfully, defending yourself in this type of case is possible. Walking Away With An Item May Be Prosecuted For Burglary If you have ever gone to a friend’s house and accidentally walked away with something you didn’t mean to take, you aren’t alone. Read More»

Factors To Consider When Seeking A Business Partner

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Owning and operating a business is an expensive venture. As a result, people will often seek out a partner to help share their work and financial load. Onboarding a new business partner is a serious step and not one you should take without some level of precaution. Learn some of the factors you should consider before agreeing to a new partner. Financial Situation Whether you plan to set up the agreement with your partner as a 5050 ownership or you will own more of the company than the partner, it’s important that you have some knowledge of their financial situation. Read More»

Can You Prove It? Medical Records And Your Personal Injury Case

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Most people have no idea how important their medical records are when they get injured in a car wreck. To pursue the at-fault driver you must use everything at your disposal, and your records are an amazingly important component of proof. Trying to get adequate compensation without them will lead to a disappointing result, so read on to learn about the role medical records play in the amount of your compensation and how to obtain them. Read More»