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Did You Walk Out Of A Friend's House With Something On Accident?

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Visiting friends is usually a fun and exciting experience, but can turn sour if they start accusing you of theft. If you walked away with something that belonged to them by complete accident, you don't deserve to get in any legal trouble. Thankfully, defending yourself in this type of case is possible.

Walking Away With An Item May Be Prosecuted For Burglary

If you have ever gone to a friend's house and accidentally walked away with something you didn't mean to take, you aren't alone. This situation has likely happened to a lot of people, though no statistics exist showcasing its occurrence. Unfortunately, your friend may take this the wrong way and assume that you are trying to steal from them.

In this type of situation, friendships are likely to be destroyed and feelings hurt irrevocably. This fact is particularly true if you returned the item and explained what happened and your friend is pursuing a case anyway. Unfortunately, this type of case can occur and disrupt your life and many other elements of your happiness.

Is it possible for your friend to win this kind of case? It is, as long as they prove that you had the intention to commit a crime and were trying to steal from them. Thankfully, you can likely avoid getting in trouble in this lawsuit if you can showcase that you did not intend to commit a crime but accidentally took an item.

Proving You Had No Intent To Commit A Crime

There are several ways that you can prove that you did not intend to commit a crime. First of all, you can showcase that you were invited to the house by the accused and, therefore, were not there unlawfully. Then, you can point out the nature of the object that was taken and showcase how it was a small and insignificant thing.

For example, the item you took may have been something as small as a book that accidentally fell into your pocket. Discuss how easy it would be for such a thing to happen and point out that you did return the item. In many situations, this case will be thrown out if you tried to return the item but were rebuked by a harsh friend.

So if you or someone you love is in this type of legal conundrum, please don't hesitate to reach out for professional counsel. A burglary attorney can help you understand your legal rights and set up a defense that gets you off of this unfair charge. Visit an attorney's website to read more.