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Is It Possible To Get Out Of An Abusive Marriage? What You Can Do To Make It Happen

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When you initially married your partner, you probably never expected that he or she would turn into someone who is mentally, verbally, and physically abusive to you. The person you are married to may have changed drastically over the years, accusing you of cheating when you are not, attacking you for every word you say, and attempting to twist issues around to put the blame on you instead of admitting to being wrong. If you are tired of the abuse and mental anguish, there is a way to get out of the marriage by following a few crucial steps.

Find Someone to Talk With and Confide In

Do you have anyone you can talk to and confide in? The person could be someone you trust at work, a relative, or even a family friend. Choose the person wisely because you want to make sure they are going to listen to what you have to say without telling anyone else what you are going through. It is beneficial to have someone to talk to and confide in because this person can start doing research on how to help you get out of the situation that you are in while offering plenty of moral support to you when you need it.

Start the Search For Shelters For Domestic Abuse Victims

If you believe you would be unable to afford the cost of living because your partner is the primary breadwinner, you may be afraid that you will never get to leave him or her, but that is absolutely not true. There are shelters available specifically for victims of domestic abuse who need to get out of the bad situations that they are in. You should start contacting these different shelters to find out what the eligibility requirements are while determining if they have space available for you so that you will have somewhere safe and private to stay once you officially decide to leave your partner.

Schedule a Meeting With a Divorce Attorney

Once you get out of the home and are staying at a shelter, you should schedule a meeting with a divorce attorney. You need to find an attorney who can handle the type of case you are dealing with. You are going to need to open up to the attorney, letting him or her know about the abuse you have endured. If you have any proof of the abuse in the form of pictures, text messages, or recordings, you should show the attorney everything so that he or she can review it. The divorce attorney you hire will be understanding of the sensitive nature of your specific case, helping you get through it and get out of a marriage that has caused you such pain.

If you are in a marriage where you are being abused regularly, do not ever feel like you are stuck in the marriage, even if you rely on your partner for basic necessities. You should find someone to confide in, search for a shelter that offers a safe haven for victims of domestic violence, and talk with an attorney about getting out of the marriage.