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Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Before You Settle For Less

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It's so easy to fall for a tempting offer after an accident. Being hurt in a car wreck usually means a total disruption in your life—from the way you earn income to your emotional well-being. This is no time to make hasty decisions so read on to find out how to protect yourself after a car accident with injuries.

Negative Income Effects Are Considerable

An accident can impact more than your physical health—it can put a dent in your wallet too. If you had injuries, then it follows that you probably missed work. You may still be out of work if your injury was serious. Taking things even further, some people have permanent damage to their careers as a result of a car accident. For example, how will a model get work with scars from a car accident marring their looks? That form of damage is known as lost career opportunities and if the accident, injuries, or the time you missed from work caused a large economic impact, you should be paid for that loss. It's vital to know what you might be entitled to receive before you jump on an offer from the at-fault driver's insurer.

Medical Bills Can Ruin Your Credit

If you are like most, you've worked hard to have a good credit score. Your ability to purchase homes, cars, and more on credit and the interest rate you pay is all dependent on your credit score. While the insurer for the other driver is responsible for paying medical expenses, that doesn't always happen the way you might wish. Some accident victims are left with unpaid medical bills that are sent to collections—with ruinous results. Just speaking to an attorney can often get the insurer to take action and cover your bills in a more timely manner.

Don't Settle for Less

It may be difficult to imagine, but the insurance company doesn't care how the accident has affected you. The insurance adjuster does understand, however, how your budget has been negatively affected by the wreck and they take that into account when they offer you a settlement. These settlements are seldom enough to cover your damages but you may be too desperate for money to realize that. Before you sign an accident release and lose money, speak to a personal injury attorney about your case. That move could be the only thing that prevents you from making a foolish and costly mistake.