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What Happens When You Need To Take Your Roommate To Court

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Civil litigation is a big part of all court proceedings and settlements each year, as plaintiffs in recent years have gotten award amounts totaling more than $4 billion. Court can be a scary place, but it's almost like a rite of passage, as most people find themselves going to court for one reason or another at some point. One of the most common situations where people have to go to court is when they have a roommate or landlord dispute. 

A lot of friendships and relationships have gone by the wayside when two people put their name on the lease, but one person stops paying rent for one reason or another. When this happens, you will need to handle court proceedings in case it comes to civil litigation. Follow these tips to get what you need in these situations. 

Try to work things out with your roommate and see if they'll pay you before pursuing legal action

It's important that you give your roommate an opportunity to make things right before going to court. Not only is this a way to extend goodwill to preserve the friendship, but it's also a way to resolve things in a great way for both parties. They don't have to worry about having a court judgment on their record, and you can get paid without having to go through the courts, garnish their wages and other matters. 

Speak to them candidly and see if they can set up a payment plan that works. Since 95% of civil cases get settled anyway, do your best to settle things yourself. 

Retain a civil litigation attorney if you need to and learn how to get what you need for a success case

Unfortunately, trying to work things out doesn't always work. If it doesn't you will need to hire a civil lawyer. They will guide you on the front end, in helping you decide the best way to file for litigation. These lawyers can also help you if you need to look into settlement options. After you get a judgment, these professionals can also help you collect from the other party by garnishing wages and any other measures that come into play. 

Hire a civil litigation professional that is proven so that you have the best chance of winning when it comes down to it. Follow these tips and start reaching out to some civil litigator firms, like Hart Law Offices, PC, today.