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Four Common Injuries Addressed In Lawsuits Today: Is Your Recent Injury One Of Them?

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You live in one of the most litigious countries in the world. More people sue each other in the United States than nearly any other country in the world that allows lawsuits for almost anything. So, before you decide that your injury is worthy of the attention of an injury lawyer, see how it stacks up to the four most common injuries addressed in lawsuits today.

Slips and Falls

​Slipping and falling while at work or when you enter a store and the floor is wet is pretty common. You have a case if there was no sign posted that you should be careful of the wet floor. You definitely have a case if you end up with a concussion, brain damage, broken bones, spinal damage, or medical bills in excess of one thousand dollars.

Severed Body Parts

​This type of injury occurs most often while on the job in a manufacturing or industrial plant. It does not typically occur outside of these places, but it can happen. One such occurrence involves car accidents where the other driver was negligent in some way or caused an accident so awful that a body part was severed. As long as there is no provable negligence on your part, all of the above qualify for personal injury lawsuits.

Emergency Care or Hospitalization After Consumption of a Safe and Legal Product

​Okay, so here you want to think about things like eating a bowl of soup and accidentally swallowing a sizable, jagged piece of wood. Clearly, the wood was not supposed to be in your soup, but there it was. You had to go to the emergency room because it nearly cut off your ability to breathe, and then it jammed in your esophagus causing intense pain. When you consume a product that is supposed to be safe and deemed legal for consumption, you should not be in the E.R. or needing medical attention for consuming it! Additionally, exceedingly hot products that cause an emergency situation (e.g., boiling hot coffee in your lap!) are another lawsuit waiting to happen.

Car and Truck Accidents

​Vehicular accidents are often tied for first place with slips and falls when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. Under-insured drivers, underage drivers, drivers under the influence, etc., are all causes of accidents that result in lawsuits. Most car and truck accidents have to be reviewed on a case by case basis, however, because of the fact that not all accidents are immediately lawsuit-worthy.