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Injured In An Accident? Here's How The Insurance Process Works

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If you have recently been in an automobile accident and have incurred an injury, it is important that you file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Their job is to pursue any monetary compensation you deserve as a result of the accident. Before the insurance company can proceed with the claim, they need to get as much information from you as they can. They will most likely attempt to settle the case with the other party so you can be compensated for your losses.

The Initial Investigation

The insurance adjuster will want to get as much information from you as possible in order to build a case against the other party. They will ask you basic questions like when and where the accident occurred, how it happened, and whether you have any witnesses they can contact to further substantiate the claim. If a police report was filed, be sure to submit a copy of this to the insurance adjuster as soon as possible. They will most likely record your testimony over the phone so they can refer to it later, so be sure you are as thorough and detailed as possible when you give them you account of the accident. 

In-Depth Information

Since an injury has happened as a result of the accident, you should keep all of your medical records related to the accident on hand. The insurance company will need to see copies of all medical bills, prescription medication expenses, and any recommendations from your doctor about possible physical therapy. As soon as you are able to, have someone take photos of you to show the injuries such as bruises or cuts. Keep in mind that the more concrete information you can provide, the more your insurance company can help you recover lost money. If you miss work as a result of the injury, this should also be documented. Most insurance settlements will also cover the cost of your lost income.

Fact Analysis

As soon as your insurance adjuster has the information they need, they will thoroughly review and investigate your claim. They may call you or send letters if they need any more information from you, so be sure to respond to them as soon as you can. If you have a personal injury attorney, they can be the middle man between you and the insurance company and should be able to handle any missing information that arises. Your lawyer is your best advocate, and they will help you make sure you get the compensation you need to move on from the accident. When it comes to insurance claims, the adjuster makes a final decision based on the damages you've incurred as well as the liability of the defendant. This is why it's essential you give your insurance company as much and as thorough information as you can in order to get the money you deserve.

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